List of docomo sms booster packs 2014 | docomo message cards

Docomo is one of the developing mobile operator in india which holds about 90 million subscribers in their database,it is now in 6th place in top 10 mobile operators list in india After the implementation of TRAI regulations all mobile operators has decreased the maximum sms limit per day , so now we are able to send only 100 free sms per day. Docomo offers sms booster packs in three different prices see them below

Sms booster pack price
Pack benefit
Free 100 local sms per day
15 days
ree 100 local sms per day
30 days
ree 100 local/national sms per day
30 days

Above sms booster pack list is for tamilnadu circle, the list contain only pure sms packs here sms combo packs are not included. Other state users click below links

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