airtel 3g gprs plans for prepaid | 3G internet tariff details

Now airtel 3g service is not available in all areas it is available in only some selected cities, using 3G we can explore a web page just within a blink of eye, 3G uses high speed packet access technology which is nearly 5 to 10 times faster than the 2G. In 2G average downloading speed is 8 to 15 kb per second and in 3G average downloading speed is over 50 kb per second.
 but 3G plans are not available in affordable rates, for 300 mb data in 2G we need to spend 35 rs but we have to spend 101 rs for same 300mb in 3G, (this comparison is based on airtel tamilnadu gprs plans) which is nearly  2.8 times higher than the 2G plan price. Also validity of this 101 rs GPRS pack is 30 days, this plan is not enough for just 2 days even we use our internet only for browsing. This is not only for airtel almost all telecom networks in india have same price range and data limit. Most users activating 3G packs only to try 3G services not for regular use ,and it is possible only when mobile operators slash the tariffs.
Not activated 3G on your mobile yet? , just follow the below steps to start accessing 3G plans
How to start 3G on airtel mobile?
To activate 3G on your mobile send a sms 3G to 121
Call 12134 and follow the  IVR to activate or deactivate the 3G services on your mobile.

How to know that your mobile support 3G services?
If you want to confirm that your mobile is 3G enabled send 3GHS to 121.
Airtel 3g gprs plans details
Plan type
Plan benefit
Post data limit

8 Rs
Unlimited 3G access for 30 minutes
 1 day

After free usage limit users will be charged 3p/10KB
(pay as you go plan)
45 Rs
150 mb
7 days
Standard plans
101 Rs
300 mb
30 days
250 Rs
1 GB
30 days
451 Rs
2 GB
30 days
4 GB
30 days
High Value
1500 Rs
10 GB
30 days

Unlimited browsing packs

751 Rs
4 GB
30 days
After users exceeds the free data usage limit speed will be reduced
to 80 Kbps
855 Rs
5 GB
30 days
950 Rs
6 GB
30 days
1255 Rs
9 GB
30 days
1555 Rs
12 GB
30 days

default plan is pay as you go ,In this plan  you will be charged 3 paise per 10 kb.
Note: This 3g gprs plan table is only for airtel tamilnadu circle users, If you are from other circle then click this link and choose your circle to get 3G gprs tariff details of your circle.
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