list of cheapest and low budget android mobiles in india

list of cheapest and low budget android mobile phones in india | price and specifications | android mobiles below 10000 Rs | low cost android mobiles
  • Now android mobiles are becoming popular among the mobile users, because it haves lot of features, which make the users get addicted to it. And lot of games and softwares are available for android platform. here we have listed the android phones which are below 10,000 Rs. If you would like to buy low budget android mobile phones, then you can select your right choice from here.
Sony Ericsson Xperia X8: Rs. 8840/-

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini: Rs. 9725

Spice Mi270: Rs.5700

Spice Mi-310 Rs.6958

Samsung Galaxy Y Rs. 6,709
Samsung Wave 533 Rs.8800
Samsung Galaxy Pop S5570: Rs. 7979
Micromax Andro A60 : Rs. 6000 (approx)
Micromax A70: Rs.7400
Motorola FIRE XT311:Rs. 8999
Dell XCD35: Rs. 8499
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