How to install keylogger software on a remote pc

Keylogger is a kind of software used for to spy what the users typing on your computer, it records every keystrokes from your keyboard.
We just need to install this software on a pc, which we want to spy. That’s all our work it will starts tracing the users without any identity. We already described a lot about keylogger software in our previous posts "keylogger - invisible keystroke and password recorder"
we also described about " how to prevent yourself from keylogger software" in our previous posts, which will help you when you browse net at public computers or net cafĂ© now we will see about how to install a keylogger software to a remote pc , this can be possible with sniperspy software Sniperspy: If you can’t able to have physical access with your desired remote pc, then sniper spy have remote installation feature , which allows you to install sniperspy software to the remote target pc without any physical work
  • However Sniper spy is not a free software, you need to purchase it. After that you will be able to create a installation module from easy setup program, then you will have to send this through an email as an attachment to the remote pc.
  • When remote user runs the module on his pc, then sniper spy will start to work and all the actions of remote user are recorded and uploaded to the sniperspy server continuously
  • when you login to the sniperspy account ( you will get this when you purchase) you can able to see all the recorded logs of the remote user
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